Program Overview

Penn-Mont’s Infant program provides a Montessori environment for our youngest children, ages 6 weeks through 18 months.  Maria Montessori envisioned the infant room as a “nido,” or “nest,”; a soothing, uncluttered, safe space where children have the freedom to grow and develop according to their unique personalities and individual needs.

The prepared environment gives infants the freedom of movement to explore; furnishings and materials are natural and specially-designed to aid the development of gross and fine motor skills. Teachers nurture language development through conversation, books, and singing.  Children’s natural curiosity about and appreciation for nature is fostered through walks outside when the weather permits.  

Because communication between parents of infants and their caregivers is key, we provide real-time access to photos and “daily tracking” (eating, napping, diaper changes, etc.) through Transparent Classroom, a resource developed in 2012 specifically for Montessori schools.  Teachers are also always available to communicate with parents either by phone, through email, or face-to-face. Lead teachers are Infant/Toddler certified by the American Montessori Society (AMS) through an accredited teacher-training program and all teachers and assistants are trained in first aid and CPR.    

Penn-Mont’s infant room is the perfect place to begin a life-long Montessori journey.


AGES: 6 weeks – 18 months


  • Soothing, uncluttered, safe space
  • Real-time access for parents to photos and daily tracking
  • Supports development of motor skills
  • Language development nurtured through conversation, music and stories
  • Freedom to explore
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