Play Equipment

Campaign Wrap Up

Moving Imagination Outdoors

Play Campaign Wrap Up

The goal of our campaign was to add new play pieces and make the needed facility upgrades to provide students with equipment and surroundings that were safe, enjoyable and promoted imaginative play.

We are thrilled to advise that the new equipment helps us to meet play needs at every level…Toddler, Preschool, and Elementary. Our beautiful and natural surroundings led us to choose play equipment inspired by nature. This new equipment:

  • Promotes physical activity; develops healthy minds and bodies
  • Compliments our Montessori philosophy
  • Inspires imaginative play in a natural setting
  • Teaches children to observe, respect, and preserve the world around them while at play
Penn-Mont Play Naturally Campaign

Thank you for being a part of our Play Campaign!

The Play Naturally! Moving Imagination Outdoors play campaign has concluded.  Thanks to the generosity of our Phase 1 and Phase 2 donors, we were able to raise the funds needed to purchase and install our beautiful nature inspired play equipment.

Thank you to all our Play Campaign Donors!

Gift of Natural Play $10,000 +
  • Heather and Derek Jones in honor of Kendra – Kick-off donor for Play Campaign
  • Katie and Tom Brouse in honor of Maggie & Thomas
  • The Hite Company in honor of Nathan, Mitchell, Scotty, Maggie & Thomas
  • Diane and Sean McLanahan in honor of Madison, Lexi, Sam & Kenzi
  • Allison and Mark Ritchey in honor of Meggie & Ellie
  • Amy Seltzer in honor of Connor, Grant & Tenley
  • Holly and Lou Sheetz in honor of Elliott, Hudson, Felix, Sawyer & Lila
  • Matt and Tiffany Stuckey in honor of William & Joseph
Gift of Exploration $2,500 - $4,999
  • Meera Bajwa & Rakesh Chopra in honor of Leela & Nina
  • Reena & Mitul Patel in honor of Samira & Shay
  • Michael Saltzburg in memory of Wendy Walton Saltzburg (grandmother of Trey Saltzburg)
Gift of Adventure $100 - $999
  • Anonymous (2)
  • Patti and Steve Bickley in honor of Lexi
  • Wes and Peg Bower in honor of William and Joseph Stuckey
  • Rita and Thomas Brouse in honor of Maggie and Thomas
  • Karen and Kyle Fuhrman in honor of Nancy Gurman
  • Patricia Gray in honor of James & Owen Sheehan
  • Changsoo Hahm and Hyun Joo Cho in honor of Noel
  • Talar and George Jabbour in honor of Celine & Chloe
  • The Horetsky Family in honor of the Horetsky children
  • Gene and Linda Horomanski in honor of Nathan
  • Jane and Edward Maruca
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael McLanahan in honor of Madison, Alexis, McKensie, & Samuel
  • Jen and Justin Merry in honor of Paige & Brooke
  • Joan E. Miller in honor of Caleigh Shaffer
  • Brent Ottaway in memory of Ellen M. Ottaway
  • Fiona and Mark Pearson in honor of Heather, Lizzie & Robert
  • Tracey Roth in honor of Greer McCaulley
  • Irving and Judith Seltzer
  • Steve Seltzer in honor of Andrea, Adam, Connor, Grant & Tenley
  • April and Steve Sherry in honor of Penn-Mont Teachers
  • Denise Stoneberg in honor of Traci Finn
  • Kathy Surma
  • Dorean and Jim Witham in honor of Owen Witham
Gift of Imagination $5,000 - $9,999
  • Kit and Colin Dangler in honor of Leo & Nora
  • Kathleen Draskoczy in honor of Dr. Steven Draskoczy
  • Sheela and Dave Kerstetter in honor of Arie & Isaac
  • Andrea and Robby Okonak in honor of Connor, Grant & Tenley
  • Sabrina and Corey Schutt in honor of Tyler & Mikayla
Gift of Discovery $1,000 - $2,499
  • Julie, David III, Paula, and David Binus in honor of Zoe & Rozalyn
  • Drs. Edmond Bouassaf and Barbara Labben in honor of John & Christina
  • Sean and Laura Burke in honor of Gretta, Thomas & Andrew
  • Tomislav and Lauren Deur in honor of Dylan & Maya
  • Rachel and Mark Gingrich in honor of Nina
  • Nancy and Andrew Gurman in honor of Karen Fuhrman & Amy Gurman
  • Rebecca and Ken Maguda in honor of Nicholas & Carolyn
  • Emily and Justin Mandel in honor of Felix & Lila
  • Jessica and Jesse Montagnese in honor of Sam, Lucy, Jonah & Ceclia
  • Cameron and Jill Murphy in honor of Ethan & Heston
  • Daphne and David Ollman in honor of Eddie
  • Tiffany and Jordan Settle – in honor of Hayden & Logan
  • Joshua and Amanda Siglin in honor of Grace & Emma
  • Christine and Andy Tyndall in memory of Barbara Tyndall
  • Chantel Ventura-Garofalo in honor of Grace
  • Dr. and Mrs. John Waibel in honor of Michael Waibel
  • Dr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Youshaw in honor of Dax G. Cashner

Need More Info?

For more information about our school’s giving programs contact April Sherry, Director of Development, Penn-Mont Academy, at 814-696-8801 Ext 307.

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