Financial Aid & Scholarships

Affordable, Quality Education

Penn-Mont Academy and its Board of Trustees are dedicated to providing your child with the best education while keeping the costs affordable. Financial Assistance  is available with funding from our Education Improvement Tax Credit contributions and community partnerships.

Financial Aid/Scholarship

Financial Aid/Scholarship

FACTS Financial Aid Application

*For Children’s House, Kindergarten & Elementary students only*

Financial Aid & Scholarship Info


Scholarships are based on:  Financial need, Interest in Montessori education, Service to the school


Priority is given to families already given aid, if it is needed. Due to changing circumstances, no one is guaranteed aid from year to year.


The amount of money available for scholarships will be that which is raised or received prior to making the awards.

Financial Aid Applications & Forms

PLEASE NOTE:  Financial aid is ONLY available for Children’s House, Kindergarten and Elementary students.
Children enrolled in the Infant and Toddler programs are NOT eligible.

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